Professor Layton Series

I was wondering if there were any other big Layton fans on the boards. If so, here's a place to discuss everything Layton related!

Since the mysteries are half the fun, please use spoilers when discussing big plot points, so no one has any games ruined for them if they have not yet played them all.

So what's everyone's favorite game in the series? Or favorite puzzle?


Well, I've only played Miracle Mask, but I like it. I'm hoping to get Azran Legacy later, whenever I can.
But one thing is for certain: There needs to be a Layton TV show.

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Azran Legacy, I would have to say, is the weakest game in the series. I was disappointed with it when I finished it. I'd really recommend playing the original trilogy (though curious village is harder to fine now), and Last Specter.

I would love to see it have a TV show as well. I can't believe some people skip to cutscenes in the game.

I enjoy it for the satisfaction I get whenever a new cutscene or revelation is unvailed, but the puzzles are too hard for me most of the time persevere

So LBX is Custom Robo made by the peeps behind Layton.
So I'm gonna buy LBX.

I might get it just to make sure Level 5 doesn't give up on the 3DS and switch to purely smart phone gaming.