Proffesor Yual's Soldiers

This Is not a joke thread however the idea of the villains is that they are not very serious which they use to their advantage to trick unsuspecting matoran

I needed to make villains and since I found loads of green pieces (how many lehrakhs do I own?) and a lot of nuva armour I made these, all my sets are actually built, however I don’t have many villains that are not main characters


…Is this a joke MOC?

heh heh surprisingly no

i don’t get it


please don’t worry they are just stupid villains they are not supposed to be taken seriously

What are these supposes to be?
It’s hard to tell what part is the head/eyes

Doesn’t that mean they are joke mocs

well…[quote=“Pohatuisawesome, post:3, topic:36113”]
surprisingly no

they are villains who pretend to be silly and stupid to manipulate those around them,[quote=“1000Purse30, post:6, topic:36113”]
What are these supposes to be?It’s hard to tell what part is the head/eyes

the holes on the left and right are eyes and the hole in the middle is a nose hole they wear funny grey trousers with one leg each and they have arms that stick out which is a black axle

a more realistic drawing of them

Now these are intimidating villains.


3 spoops 5 me

I don’t get it. They have functions? If there’s more to them, I’d love to see it.

why did people report this?

They probably think that it’s a joke thread. Since joke threads are for the Ninja Master Mode exclusive sub-forum

It is not supposed to be

Maybe edit the first post and clarify that it’s not a joke thread, so nothing happens.

Ok so

Whenever there is a basic moc like this there (in my opinion) needs to be something unique to:

A.) Differ it from others
B.) Make it seem like it wasn’t whipped up in 5 minutes (or less)

That’s what I use to evaluate these kind of Mocs

But these really don’t accomplish either. There’s honestly nothing really that interesting here maybe other than the head which is rather subpar, which defines these as a whole. I’m just not liking it really.

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looking at it you fish differs from other moc’s

These are interesting. If these are your villains, what scale are you building to?

The reason they are so small is because
1: They are villains who play on peoples trust
2: they were originally massive but their creator Johnegius Arthuliusinskiliontus Yual (Pr Yual for short) was attacked by a toa team and so he shrunk all his belongings including himself, these once invincible beings and a half eaten mangosteen sandwich, were shrunk to a tiny size, although being tiny they ride fearsome mechs
3: because of their size they can pilot exo force mecs

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