Project: Elemitrix Heroes

This is a Project I have been working on for a little while now. It is about a group of heroes coming out of a 300 year old sleep in some pods, which froze there minds and age. They have been awoken to fight an ancient evil in, which they have fought before but is now back. This is in a universe which is not part of the Bionicle’s universe. I hope you guys enjoy the story and the character.


These are pretty cool. I like the cab.

There isn’t much to go off here, but I do like the idea of each character having a companion creature type thing…


Most of the MOC’s are simple, which is not a bad thing, but they are kind of bare for the most part. The shaping also looks off on some of them (namely the MOCR as stomach armor on the gold MOC). While I really enjoy the unique colors, I feel that some of the color schemes are inconsistant. The companions are neat, though.

Overall, good job! Just keep up the good work and take criticism, and you should be on track.

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Because it was never done before. /s

Sorry, I will need someone to translate this for me to common English, I can’t understand a single sentence.

Anyhow, yeah… I can’t tell much about the MOCs, you need to take photo of each individually and from closer distance.

rough around the edges(and words) and the MOCs at a glance need slight work, but so far basic

They appear to have rather long necks, but that’s the only issue I have.

These look alright. Would like some close-ups/individual pics.