Project: Mata Nui Rising

This is what I’m currently working on after the Hewkii and Macku dolls.


Holy crap, man. That’s seriously impressive.

Is this a Mata Nui robot doll or just blueprints?

Reference for when I model it in Maya. Then I can start a paper model like these:

Warning~18 minutes long, go to 7 minute mark

Wow Crunch, thats looking amazing. Can’t wait to see it finished.


Dude, this is sweet! :smiley:

Currently modeling now.


I swear he better be life sized


He would not even fit in our planet!

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Wow, thanks for ruining my dream. =P

Perhaps we can try again at making a life sized GS robot when we colonize a larger planet.

like aqua magna

Since I announced it for Chron-Con 2015, here’s my current progress, which is to say that I haven’t worked on it since rushing it for Convergence.

Whe, Whej, Whejksiiioaksoa dies

Whispers from beyond the grave This… Is… Awesome.