A movie by Studio Trigger. My experience with Trigger is limited, but the previews for this were stunning. Since then, I’ve been anticipating the movie, especially with the MOCs that ToothDominoes and Prince Galidor have made. When they approved, I knew it had to be good.

And seeing it last night, I have to say, this movie is one of a kind! While the story was a bit fast-paced for my liking, the visuals, characters, and ethics were great. I don’t really have the time to touch upon too much, but here’s some quick thoughts.

  • The Burning Rescue’s equipment is so over-the-top for firefighters, but that’s what makes it so cool. Especially Ingis’ charger and the ladder section of the fire truck that shoots out mechs!
  • The Burnish are just as cool as in the trailer. Their flame is composed of beautiful pastels that really make the fire feel unique. Almost extra-terrestrial.
  • The scene in which Lio erupts out of the volcano and confronts Kray with his dragon is just too cool. The choice of “Kakusei” was so good here, as Lio was truly awakening his ultimate powers.

  • Speaking of the dragon, it was epic. Its energy felt so raw. The dragon whaled like a feral animal. And the flaming tears running down its face truly displayed Lio’s anger, sadness, and overall lack of emotional stability when confronting Kray.

* Lio de Galon vs Kray X was hilarious. Basically, Galo and Kray just “flex” on each other, displaying their Mecha’s absurd abilities. Kray’s mech can turn buildings into farmland. When Galo mentions it, Lio makes a giant Matoi and Galo calls the move, “Matoi Decked Out.” There’s also a cool kick move, and Kray X has a chest cannon is supposed to freeze things in place. I remember it’s “below zero degrees,” and it’s his ultimate move.
* Burnish Kray was too cool. His face was just so exaggerated and extreme. The arm he supposedly lost, well, he can make himself an even bigger, insane-looking one, using his powers. And HE. HAS. WINGS. Enough said.

If you saw Promare and have some thoughts, feel free to discuss.