Promotions and Advertising: Rules and Guidelines

This is the Promotions and Advertising forum! We realize that a lot of you have channels, news reports and discussion videos as well, so we wanted to give you guys a place to do that. At the same time, we also think it's only fair that people that are actively on the forum get the chance to advertise. So our compromise was to make this forum open to everyone to see and reply, but only Masters (Trust Level 3) can create new topics here.

Now, if you are wanting to post a creative content video, such as a stop-motion, animation or whatnot, that goes in the Videos subcategory under Creative Content. You don't need to be a Master to post those.

However, if it is your own personal:

  • Channel (Bionicle related or no)
  • News Video
  • Discussion Video
  • Let's Plays
  • Podcast
  • Fan Project (Planning or Advertising)
  • Website
  • Forum

That all goes here.

Have fun! There's a possible chance that we might handpick some of these projects to be on the next Chronicler's Convergence, but until then, be sure to check out what others are saying here!


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In the closed YouTube topic, I brought up my account, and it was removed? Even though I am a Master?

Yes, once you're a master you can advertise your own channel..... in the promotions and advertising category.

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Okay, that's why, I was just wondering. Thank you. =)

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I am currently working on a Bionicle mod would it be ok to post that under Creative content or would be considered a fan project and therefore removed?

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Since I'm only a Villager, I can't post it. But I made a Minecraft G2 Texture pack. Could it be an exception to post it in this section, or should I still wait until I get Master level?

Yeah, you should probably wait until you get Master to post that.

-- Waj


I'm looking for voice actors for my chronicler's convergence trailer, where should I ask for actors? I'm not sure if I should do it here or put it in my comic topic.

Normally asking for voice actors for a project is considered promotion, and is restricted to people that are Masters on the boards. But Chronicler's Convergence is basically a promotion fest that anyone can submit to, so idk. What is your project specifically?

I just needed a couple voices for the comic frames which my trailer will be made up of. If I only have text and music it will be pretty boring. So I needed some character voices

I know that you need to be a Regular to start a topic here, but do you need to continue being a Regular for the topic to stay open?

For context, I have a project that I would like to advertise that we’re close to releasing. However, I’m about to start college, where I have no idea how much time I will have available to stay active and keep the rank. If such an event occurs, I want to know if I would still be able to post updates in the ad topic.

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Yes. If you start a topic here and lose your Regular status, the topic will be closed until you regain it.

– Waj

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Now all I have to do is become a master. This will take awhile…