Prompts: AKA: Bionicle Writer's Meme (Bio-Meme)

Basically this is for people who want to write short or not-so-short stories about Bionicle but for whatever reason,-no time, don't feel confident\skilled enough, want to see someone else do it,-don't want to write about it themselves.

Kind of like the K-meme, only without the 'K' part.

So... Bio-meme?

Just to test the Waters, here's something to start with:

Matoran and Infected Rahi:

Could be from the 2001 story before the Toa show up, it could be a Matoran witnessing the Kikanalo stampede in the second movie, it could be something else.

Bonus points:
-A single Matoran has little choice but to run, but they run into their fellows and drive the Rahi back. (so, Unity.)
-Matoran are hunting an infected Rahi, and are scared stiff, but are going through with it anyway (Duty! Let's see if I can't round this out...)
-A Matoran who's being hunted by a Rahi, finds an old Kanohi Mask and somehow winds up wearing it, whereupon they become a Toa and proceed to send the Rahi running. (Destiny!!)

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