Protector Names Based on Maori Translations

Just wondering if I should post these. Translated some approximations of the 2015 names into the Maori language. Just putting this preface here so that an admin or staff could stop me if this is bad before I start posting the translation, just so that I don't cause controversy.


I mean, it's just your fan name or calling for them, as they aren't name in-canon, so I wouldn't know whether you should or not. Also I believe there's a topic about the names of the protectors in the lego bionicle sub-category

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Okay, thanks!

Got bored. Translated some approximate names for the Protectors and skull villains in Google Translate, so I have something cool to call them. PS: They are in corresponding order (EG fire -> ahi)

DISCLAIMER: I am not intending to annoy or insult anyone from this culture. These are direct translations of approximated names, and are in no way affiliated with LEGO. These are unofficial, and were not created by LEGO for names. My apologies in advance for any problems or controversy this may create. Admins: feel free to delete if this becomes problematic.

Original English (approximated):
1) fire
2) jungle
3) stone
4) cavern
5) water
6) ice
7) skull soldier (Skull Warrior)
8) skull crusher (Skull Basher)
9) skull grinder
10) skull scorpion (Skull Scorpio)
11) mask maker
12) protector
14) master
15) control
16) creation

1) ahi
2) raau
3) toka
4) marua
5) wai (te wai)
6) tio
7) angaanga hoia
8) angaanga kaiwawahi
9) angaanga te mīhini
10) angaanga kopiona
11) kanohi kaihanga
12) kaitiaki
13) ariki
14) mana
15) hanga


Those seem very strange, especially the Skull Villains names. Just remember that LEGO wouldn't use Maori words again; unless they want another lawsuit


there was never a lawsuit. this is a common missconception. as it turns out the maori people basically said to lego "we're not gonna sue you guys unless you just change the title of the tohunga as it doesn't really fit what they really are and has offended some of us, it you don't change it we will use legal action against you" and so lego decided to change the name from Tohunga to Matoran.


are you sure? I thought TTV mentioned it

I have a problem with this;

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Watch Bionicle Autopsy: how bionicle saved lego

I timestamped it, so if you click on the video, it should come up at the exact point of the explination

@Rockho Well, it was that or Pohatu. Shush. stuck_out_tongue

@Ghost8o Thanks for putting that there, I appreciate that you did that to make this thread a little less... iffy. I dunno what words to english here, but, thanks! stuck_out_tongue

@Rockho But, in all seriousness, were you offended or anything, or just don't like that's what I used?

@Booster_Gold Yeah. Like I said, these are just for fans, and are unofficial things just for fun.


Yes, I was very offended. Kohatu happens to be the name of my dead grandmother...her name should never be used in shall now feel my wrath.



no plz i no meen nufin plz NO, STAHP * dies *

This sounds much better but kids would be confused with the weird names.

Latin names are generally a safe zone for names (most recognizable to westerners) , as well as Greek, Arabic...I dunno maybe some Celtic, and Scandinavian.

Well, that's the thing. I wanted names that didn't really resemble anything westerners like myself would usually associate with their origins. For that, Maori words were perfect, because their language is not commonly spoken in western/European countries. Also, because Maori words were used in 2001, I found it sort of appropriate to do that again. But yes, Arabic, Celtic and Scandinavian words would also work, but I just kinda wanted this little callback to G1's relation to this language.

Also, a few more translations, but this time from the Matoran Language.

Protector - Mangai/Mangaia
Village - Koro
Region - Wahi
Temple of Time - Kini Vahi
City of Time (Ancient City) - Metru Vahi

Also, I asked Greg a while ago if the Toa Mata Names were words for their elements, but I don't think my point got across. I think it would be safe to say that Tahu means fire, Gali means water, Ony- sorry, Onua means earth, and so on.


Their names are too iconic to be changed by now. No Maori representative could have changed that.

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@TeslaEffect Agreed.

@Rockho Kohatu is now Marua. You're welcome.

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Welp, the Protectors now have official names. This topic is now invalid. stuck_out_tongue

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That means we should call in the mods?

@Waj @Political_Slime @legomaster1378 @John_Smith

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