Protector of Gravity

First of all thanks to
For the ideas

Honestly I don’t have a back story only made up powers…

The silver things allows heavy objects feel like pebbles although they don’t grant any physical powers(so it’s not OP)

The blades are made of pure obsidian but with the thingys it’s almost weightless (it can’t be completely weightless as there is always gravity due to Newton’s laws)

Very original pose (sarcasm)

Floating triceratops


Sadly to say by the time this is up, it is already scraped because I borrowed a few parts from korgot and I wasn’t planning to keep it so here are the parts if you are interested in having it for yourself (I don’t mind)

Let me hear what you think. Does it need to be nerfed or not?

Hoped You Enjoyed!


This is a really good okotan moc. Solid, simple and displays personality.

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Simple, but it says “Okotan” very well.


Looks good, even though it’s a simple Okotan.

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I like those blade weapons, well done for not giving a gravity based character a hammer. Good job. :+1:

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Protector of Light?

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I’ll try but might take longer and what colors?

Gold light blue and white. A bit like ice.

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Ok which should next after that one?

what about white and gold/silver like takanuva

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I dunno but I’m not sure if those are official colors

G2 Makuta

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That one I don’t know if I can but if I do it would be uploaded soon with in 1- 2 weeks(if that’s a request)

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