ProtoBorg- random moc by AmazingDirtHunter

I wanted to make a CCBS moc. I then built a CCBS moc. Enjoy.

Thanks for looking at this random moc, still not really sure what i was going for, but I think it looks pretty cool.


Looks like a boxer

9.8/10 a little top heavy but that is all. Great job :thumbsup:

@AmazingDirtHunter welcs. I really like your stuff, it is a lot better than mine. :frowning:

@DiamonKing Thanks! :wink:
You flatter me, but you shouldn’t compare yourself! I think your stuff is awesome!
@BlackboltJohnson haha thanks :smiley:
@SwagMeister gears don’t do anything, no. I just wanted him to have a very mechanical aesthetic.

Edited for double-post. DP’s are only allowed for updates in creative content. Don’t sweat it though. :stuck_out_tongue: --Jack O’Neill

Thanks!!! I just finished my latest MOC as well funnily enough

ProtoBorg is probably the greatest name I have ever heard. I feel like you should trademark that.

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The gears in the body serve no purpose, right?

As for the moc, it’s alright.

The torso is a bit bulky, but I like the krana head.

He looks sort of fat

Looks great!

This MOC assimilated my good opinion.

I like the themeing of gear/cylinders in his torso

it works well.

The Krana face is a bit iffy, though, IMO.

I got to admit this looks pretty nice.
Though the krana looks out of place.