Protodermis Cage

If one of the Toa who contributed to the creation of a protodermis cage dies, does that mean that the cage dissipates?


No, the only way to dissolve the cage is by hitting it with the elemental power that created it, even if the portion of the cage that gets hit is just a fragment, like roodaka did: she had a piece of the cage with her and she got hit by the toa hordika’s rhotuka wich broke the whole cage.

According to BS01 though it’s said that you can dissolve a toa seal by draining the elemental energy from a toa’s dead body.
(Web of Shadows, BIONICLE_Adventures 9, p. 28)


GX_05 is correct, I would just add that you do not need specific Toa who made the cage, only the specific elements.

I think this question has been answered @prentice1215

If a toa seal can only be broken by certail elements then how did roodaka get a piece of Makuta Teridax’s?

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Apparently long nails are powerful enough to carve off a piece of it because of… uuuuh… for the logical reason that… ummmmm… mainly because of plot.

“Scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7”

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