Protodermis vs. Antidermis?

How fundamentally different are protodermis and antidermis? How easily can someone who knows what they are doing tell them apart? They share some properties, but what is unique to each? In the universe where Makuta was the Great Spirit, were the MU inhabitants made from antidermis?


This is a good question. I was always under the impression that antidermis was just another specialized form of protodermis, but BS01 gives some citations that suggest otherwise. There are a couple of quotes in the LMB saying that antidermis was an accidental byproduct of the creation of protodermis. But is antidermis a totally distinct substance from protodermis?

Well, they’re different enough that the Red Star can’t revive anything made of antidermis like it can with protodermis based entities.

Yeah, apparently it was different enough that too many parts in the Red Star would have had to be duplicated, making it too big to work.