Protosteel Warhammer

I made this quite awhile back. I really liked the design, just never got around to making an MOC big enough to carry it.

Thoughts? I'll be posting photos of some other stuff soon hopefully.


I'd hate to be clobbered with that thing.


I've got it. Omega Onua: Lord of Land can wield it!


Perfect idea. Just to go along with Omega Tahu.

Omega Tahu better watch his back...

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Nice, it looks good all over.

No. It's Omega Tahu, Gamma Gali, Theta Lewa, Alpha Kopaka, Delta Onua, and Beta Pohatu!

What about Takanuva?

alpha onua sounds a little better imo

Über Takanuva?

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this looks a lot like the hammer 2015's Onua set carries. looks pretty good too.

My self moc will get destroyed with ONE HIT from that

I feel like there should be 3 Alphas and 3 Omegas
Omega Tahu Alpha Kopaka
Omega Onua Alpha Gali
Omega Pohatu Alpha Lewa/Canon Eljay

Teridax from the Melding Universe. That would be perfect for him.

If only they had made that into an officially sold set...I loved that MOC.

As for mine, he perhaps could use its protosteel scythe to block, and he's a small and agile matoran, so he could maneuver his way around the hammer to the weak spot(s) of a theoretical weilder.

Disclaimer: I only criticize to help improve

It is great except for one thing.
it has a relatively small and round hitting surface. I cannot decipher the build from the pics, but perhaps you could find a way to rotate the rahkshi heads so that it would hit with the top of the skull instead of the teeth.
Other than that it is very impressive.

The Rahkshi heads are actually held on by a very unique connection point. They are attached to the small jutted sides of the Pohatu foot parts. There's virtually no way to rotate them. I've actually tried very hard to strengthen the connection point, but to no avail.

well, it's still a great hammer. I might actually take inspiration from it when I give my self MOC a much needed weapon upgrade.

Give me credit if you do please smile