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Oh thanks!!! That metallic Gadunka is pretty weird

That Toa Terrain Crawler is the exact same set as the real one. The only differences are the colours of the tubes and the "windshield".

Still could be the prototype, they just didn't change much. But you still could be right.

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Yeah, you're right.

Can someone find some galaxy squad prototypes?

Hello. I managed to get a hold of this interesting prototype.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? I can’t seem to find the package artwork on the internet.


The prototype is literally looking like the set except for the tubes and some detailing.

Not sure if this is visible in the photo. It also has some artwork near the bottom of the package.


It’s Evo, who also looks the same.

The finalized packaging has Black Phantom in his place.


I dunno how you got ahold of it, but congrats. You planning on opening it or keeping it sealed for ‘insert word I can’t think of here’'s sake?

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I plan on keeping it sealed to maintain its value.


Very interesting…

are there parts inside?

Congrats on the acquisition! Very rarely have we seen confidential packaging be made available for purchase on the secondhand market, so that’s a very interesting find you have. The image itself is possibly new… I vaguely recall seeing it before, but I could be mistaken. Either way, it would’ve been part of the initial leaked images for Hero Factory’s 2012 Breakout wave. This image shows Black Phantom’s box art, featuring the same Evo with Hero-Cuffs thing as this Furno bag has, which means it would’ve been from the same stage in production.

Is there anything of note on the back of the bag, perchance?



Thanks for the reply, the back of the bag has the same print as the front.

@nexolo yes, there are parts inside.


why does his weapon look like a model out of roblox

probably because roblox most likely ported it into roblox as a gear but still

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The Breakout leaks have always been nostalgic for me. This brings back memories.


How did you manage to get this? It seems like a lost prototype box. If things like this still existed today, i can’t see anyone getting those unless they worked for LEGO or something

@LTVmocs ROBLOX copied the handcuffs from the Hero Factory Breackout handcuffs, even though very few people who play Roblox actually know this.

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i think most people can assume roblox ported the models. I kinda find it interesting that the roblox model looks the same as in the preliminary image

also why are we talking about roblox