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How did you manage to get this? It seems like a lost prototype box. If things like this still existed today, i can’t see anyone getting those unless they worked for LEGO or something

@LTVmocs ROBLOX copied the handcuffs from the Hero Factory Breackout handcuffs, even though very few people who play Roblox actually know this.

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i think most people can assume roblox ported the models. I kinda find it interesting that the roblox model looks the same as in the preliminary image

also why are we talking about roblox


@LTVmocs Because apparently we suck :stuck_out_tongue:

@Dreysidel_ Tbh if the moustache was separate I would like that mask :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s a weird one:

Prototype Ehlek, Carapar, and Takadox (Who were originally named Onek, Kaparap, and Takadoko, apparently).


What is a dark blue Great Ruru?

Holy moly, lad! Where did you acquire that? Are you willing to sell it?

Regarding the Barraki thing, I think I’ve seen that one few years ago. It is from Russian preliminary catalogue, hence their names looking weird. It is just cyrillic.


I got it from another collector. I do not plan on selling it

Holy heck… what is up with Ehlek’s face?!

By cancelled I don’t mean themes that ended or sets that retired, but rather sets and themes that were planned for realise, but for some reason never saw the light of day.

Like in just2good’s examples:

So, let’s discuss! What sets that were cancelled do you regret never got released? Personally, I regret all those cancelled LEGO Games sets… 4 of them in total. Heck, there was even a Knight’s Kingdom game planned, but never released in 2009. Wait, 2009?! Knight’s Kingdom was between 2004-2006.

Another regret is probably the Sand Tarakava, which didn’t pass the prototype stage, and 5 prototypes were given to 5 random collectors. It would have been cool to get it… Good luck you can still build it if you have the right parts, like @Eljay did.
I might be mistaken, but I heard there was a Brutaka set planned for 2007, but that never got released either… (If it was even intended to be released)

Anyway, let’s discuss!

You can’t actually build the sand Tarakava out of extra parts because the yellow Ruru is exclusive. Eljay painted his.

Also the Brutaka thing was a fake.


What a shame… It would have been cool get it in yellow… This is probably the biggest regret about the cancellation of this set…

Thanks for telling me. Still, a 2007 Brutaka Titan set would have been sooo cool. What a shame we never got him.

Shouldn’t this be merged with the prototype set topic?

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No, this is about sets that were never released, not about prototypes.

It’s basically the same thing

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Prototypes are WIP versions of sets. This is about sets that never got released, whether they made it past the prototype phase or not (which many of them did).



I second this

Ok those are some good looking squid launchers

Got these in the mail recently. Very interesting parts. It looks like the injection mold wasn’t fully purged before the parts were made, resulting in the mottled appearence.

Here they are with some of my other interesting parts


so has anyone else seen the new prototypes on BS01?

The recently added some for the Nuve, Hordika, Phantoka, and glatorian.

So what do you think?

I find it interesting that they were going to use upside down Zamor launchers instead of the Thornax launchers we got.

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Look cool.