Prototypes Discussion

You can’t actually build the sand Tarakava out of extra parts because the yellow Ruru is exclusive. Eljay painted his.

Also the Brutaka thing was a fake.


What a shame… It would have been cool get it in yellow… This is probably the biggest regret about the cancellation of this set…

Thanks for telling me. Still, a 2007 Brutaka Titan set would have been sooo cool. What a shame we never got him.

Shouldn’t this be merged with the prototype set topic?

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No, this is about sets that were never released, not about prototypes.

It’s basically the same thing

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Prototypes are WIP versions of sets. This is about sets that never got released, whether they made it past the prototype phase or not (which many of them did).



I second this

Ok those are some good looking squid launchers

Got these in the mail recently. Very interesting parts. It looks like the injection mold wasn’t fully purged before the parts were made, resulting in the mottled appearence.

Here they are with some of my other interesting parts


so has anyone else seen the new prototypes on BS01?

The recently added some for the Nuve, Hordika, Phantoka, and glatorian.

So what do you think?

I find it interesting that they were going to use upside down Zamor launchers instead of the Thornax launchers we got.

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Look cool.

I remember those Glatorian pictures from back in the day. I was probably almost as into leaks back then as Meso.

So recently a LEGO designer by the name of Mike Colonnese shared some 1998 concept art for two LEGO themes that never came out: Dino Racers and Hero Knights:

While those never came out, I still think it would be fun to speculate about what happened with it and maybe even make some MOCs inspired by it.
Any thoughts?


They look a lot like some Transformers, and I love them.

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I wanna make a MOC series based off these now.

Though a scorpion tank is absolutely NOT an original idea.


These legit look like some of the best set designs I’ve ever seen.


Lego, I know you are reading this, and I’m calling you out on tiwtter dot com

Bring this theme back in the year 2020, you cowards


Like Barnes and noble and gunpla.

Has anyone seen those Visorak prototypes before?


Yeah, I think I’ve seen those before. It’s funny to me how Lego seems to mess around with existing parts before even prototyping new ones, as evidenced by this unholy bohrok/Vahki amalgamation. :stuck_out_tongue: