Proud dad moment - New WIP

Pulled out my giant bin of parts with my kiddos this week and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I built(started, at least) this custom torso and showed my oldest how to put some limbs together. She’s not done, and a few parts were lost in the cleanup before I took the photos. She had some good ideas, I think!

My son put these two together with no help. He especially liked the Inika light-up weapon and the giant monster feet.

When I first decided to put extra effort into mocing, I built a figure with this color scheme and as athletic a silhouette as I could manage. I was proud of the result, but I never got a chance to photograph and post it. Eventually it got scrapped for parts.
Here, I have started up the project again! I am hopeful and excited to get him together again. C&C are appreciated regarding the torso’s state so far and any ideas for a heavy muscled look.


Wholesome! The MOCs look epic!