Prpl's G3 Doodles

Occasionally I doodle G3 stuff for fun (and practice) so here's a compilation topic. If I ever draw more, I'll update this.
NOTE: I haven't been keeping up with G3 stuff so don't accept any of this as canon.
Unless it gets canonized, then.... neato.

Weird desert with floating islands in the distance. Also a tiny sign. Can you read it? 'cause I sure can't.

A water village. The huts are on stilts so they don't flood during high-tide. There's like a lookout hut on top of the cliff w/ a village flag.

Lava falls. Totally not Takua there... I guess.

Scribbley earth village. How has it not flooded yet? I dunno.

Also this lol.
That's Onua and Tahu


These are pretty neat.
My favourite is the water village.

Looks like official Lego art.

Coolio schdoolio. Also, the water village is my favorite, good job.

I like how onua just says shut up after punching tahu instead of just asking him

Awesome work! Love the huts on stilts idea, though not as much as the huts on lily pads from MNOLG... Could just be different architecture in different parts of the island! If giant pads don't grow there, then stilts make the most sense.

@prpldragon art is always cool.

screw gravity,
I think it would look better with roots holding it down to the ground, like in avatar, like the element is a mix of air and jungle


That would explain why it doesn't fly away.

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Nice. These look pretty cool.

Just a note: there are no plans for Takua/Takanuva, so yeah.

Absolutely love the lava falls and the water village. The colour of the water due to the sun is so cool.

I like the Concept but what about the Region of Air being suspended in the air due to some kind of Old technology?

Predating the entire cilivisation as a whole.

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Agreed. Without sometime grounding it, it would just... float away...................

Also it would be an amazing aesthetic to have jungle tying earth and sky together.

Just for Reference.

Really like that Idea too.