Psychic Warrior MOC(Name My MOC!)

I made a MOC of a character I'm going to play in an upcoming Pathfinder session with my IRL friends. His race is a Duergar, and is a 1st level Psychic Warrior. His weapons are a Lucerne Hammer(favorite weapon) and a Glaive. His skin is a dull dark gray, with red glowing eyes (common for all Duergar). He is completely bald with no hair whatsoever.

pay no attention to the blue pin
The green spikes on his Lucerne because I thought we would start at a higher level where I could get my weapon enchanted, and I've been away from my main parts collection ever since I moved back to college. In-game they would be the same color as the head of his Hammer.

He also has access to a power called expansion, doubling his size:

Lucerne Hammer with spikes of a more accurate color. Excuse the sword piece on top, I only have one of those Kopaka Phantoka spikes.

Awkwardly wielding his Glaive.

Now I need the community's help. Yes I know this MOC isn't very creative or beautiful, but tips on improving the actual MOC aren't my first priority right now (suggestions are welcome, but I am away from my piece bin until Christmas.) I need your help deciding a name for this guy. Duergar are a simple folk, spending nearly all of their time and energy working to make sure that their deity, That Which Sleeps Beneath, does not awaken. they only leave their community to go out adventuring if one of them has a vision or nightmare foretelling of their own departure.

As such, Duergar do not name themselves. When you are born, you are Child. When you grow up, you are either Man or Woman. They take whatever names are given to them by the adventuring party that they join. I have all ready posed the question to my IRL friends, but I also want the community to vote on a name for this guy. RULES: you may only vote once, but may change your vote at any time. "Likes" do not qualify as votes, only comments do. Masters get two votes each and TTV cast members (if they read this and feel like voting) get five votes each. Votes from my IRL friends count as 100 votes. You may vote for a name I list or suggest your own. Voting will end Sunday November 1st at 7PM. And the prospective names are:

Skull Hammer
Doom Hammer
Big Red
Big Guy


Bow about,


How about psychic doom

The model itself is pretty simplistic and his weapons are kind of off, but the color scheme is alright.

Now, when it comes to a name, I would go for something like Kerei, which is Maori for Gray.

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Bald Hammer.


Name him Chris.


Knahros The Physic Exile

Name him Steve.

Oh yeah... The MOC is pretty cool too.

I got to admit this looks great.
The weapons look weird.
Also maybe name him Runi.