Psycho - a random MOC with a weird color scheme

I don’t know… I just don’t.

Tell me what you think…


Well the build’s alright, not so sure about the burnt orange-blue colorscheme. At least you got weird right.



You were right about that, but I like it.


it looks good actually, I would like to see more burnt orange and blue on the torso though.

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I thin k the colours are cool. The build is pretty cool, too. :smile:

other than the colors, it looks pretty good

I dunno, I like the color scheme.

It’s weird, but it’s not bad.

I like this MOC, I find it weird (just like me), I Like it’s color scheme, and I think it looks groovy.

I like it, even though the color scheme is weird. nice design, cool gun!


I do like that colour scheme.

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The color scheme doesn’t bother me that much, except maybe there’s too little of the 2 other colors

I actually kinda like the colour scheme, but the mask used is a little too large for my liking.

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Seems a bit too simple

Ya know, I was actually gunna try burn orange and light trans blue for a color scheme in a moc. So I think these colors work pretty well.

pretty cool. I think the head is a little too large though

You said it was a weird color scheme, and it is, but I really like it. It has a bit of a Takua feel to it, and I think it works well.

I like the scheme, but I think it needs more: some blue in the chest and the right arm, blue and orange in the left arm, maybe some color in the groin area, a blue or orange mask. It has a little too much black and grey.

But outside of that, it looks pretty good.

It looks like HF Surge+ G2 Pohatu+ G1 Onua+ random system parts put in a blender :wink: But its actually really nice, i would recommend removing the blue as it realy dosent fit in, i think.

Since when did he learn Curtain Call?


Well the colour scheme works pretty well and the MOC looks very nicely built!