Pudaragas (LDD MoC)

The Pudaragas is a species of reptilian carnivores present on Kruvaa, a stormy island just south of Ossavaa. It is around twice as large as a Tukelios, and 4 times as larges as an average human.

It has large, strong wings, granting it the ability to fly. They have a long reach with their arms. What they can’t reach with its claws, it’d be able to snatch with its long snout. The shape of its snout suggests it is partially a piscivore.

In combat, it uses its tail, and the claws on its forelimbs and wings. Some say it can also shoot lightning from its mouth, but that has never been confirmed. Its dark blue and black scales blend in with the dark landscape of Kruvaa. However, it is easy to tell where one is because of its light gray underbelly. Pudaragas scales are said to be immune to electricity.

“b0ss cen i habe da pissa pls???”

The inspiration for this thing came when I saw Ridley’s Other M design (which is actually very cool looking). So I thought, “why not make a Ridley-looking dragon guy?” This was the result. It’s another one of my more complex LDD MoCs, comprising of 300+ bricks.

Oh, H.O.R.A.C.E. 3.0 is coming soon.


Very creative, I’ve always been a fan of MOCs that feel very alien and this is no exception

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I like the head.

I love LDD mocs because of the freedom of color it gives. This dragon is cool, but the head is my favorite part

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It looks pretty awesome! I really like the head, with the elongated snout and the rather fierce shape.

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I really like that head, would consider changing the tail though he is really front heavy like this and it looks kinda wierd.

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Bit textureless, but it’s good!


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Updated pics with a longer tail.

b0ss pls