Puka, The deaedly creature of the deep

Puka was my attempt at making a shark barraki thing and i think it turned out pretty good! There are a few things i would like to work on but ill consider it finished. Comments criticism and critique is very much appreciated! :smile:


this is AWESOME

A full body shot of this majestic creature would be nice...

:wink: i got you


I love how menacing the Spinax head makes it look.

I love the red teeth, gives an uber creepy vibe

this is so cool ! , first time i have seen spinax mixed in with ccbs :smiley:

Amazing. I love how creepy this looks.

Not a big fan of all the silver, but I love the intimidating stance.

When I saw you made this I thought it would be some kind of cute Mixel monstrosity, so this took me off guard. Great Moc! I really like the fierce head.

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Thanks it's fun to do the mixel Ones but I'm trying to make more complicated and interesting Mocs using less system :smile: