Pyren's Matoran Topic!

So here you go @Sidorak , my topic on some of the Matoran.

So all Matoran have the same design, so nothing really special there, but they do all have different colors.

So first up:

Kotor, a Matoran from the Ice-region

He has a pickaxe for climbing mountains!

Though his white Miru is powerless, it still seems like Kotor can fly when he is climbing the mountains.

Bio: He's a bit of a trickster, and can be pretty naughty. However he is liked by all, because of his personality. He is very different from the other Matoran from his region, he is very busy, with all kinds of stuff. He is friendly and chatty, but he does say things without thinking about them....

Up next:

Talek, a matoran from the fire region.

'Look he has a whip!'

He actually uses the whip for tending Rahi, that is his job

Bio: He loves his job as a Rahi-tender, but he's very jealous of the current Captain of the Guard, because he could have been something like that too. He is a bit mysterious and has no real friends. He is very silent, and independant.

Up third is:

Lenno, a Matoran from the Junle-region

He uses his katana to good effect when he is fine swinging!

His Hau is very strange as it has evolved to actually have powers. Strange, right?

Bio: He is much beloved for his magical Hau, and because of it has A LOT of friends. Other than his Hau he's a pretty boring, regular Matoran.

Coming up:

Waru, from the Earth-region

He is a well known guard in all of Atilysk.

All enemies will surrender if they see this Matoran!

Bio: He is a very good guard because he is so calm, but he can be very, very agressive towards intruders. Waru is one of the wisest Matoran of all of Atilysk, and is bound to be a Turaga one day!

More Matoran will be revealed every once in a while just stay tuned! So more to come!

Comments are Always welcome!


Love their tools/weapons and their stories! smiley



this was just half of them! 4 more to come!

(My fingers got tired so I thought: 'Why not reveal one once in a while?')


I like the pickaxe on the first one.

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Waru's my favorite; he and Onepu are best buds. Onu-koro in MNOG for the win.

Kotor is pretty cool too; love that pickaxe design.

You have a green Hau; it's the one from that Matoran in MNOG2, the maker guy who stays in his hut in Le-Koro the entire time.

I am envious. Of the Hau.

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Ah, I used to use this design all the time. Works very well doesn't it? smiley Neat MOCs!


I must say this build hasn't failed me, and it probably won't ever!

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Nice! Matoran are some of the hardest builds sometimes, because you have to make them small, but with good proportions.


They're kinda cute but lack much articulation. 6/10.

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Here another Matoran!

Isgur, a Matoran from the earth region.

He has some major claws! Watch out for those!

Don't worry Isgur is very friendly, he won't harm you!

Bio: Isgur is a very friendly and calm villager, he lives in a village called: Arthros. He doesn't have many friends because nobody every understands his way of thinking. He, because of that, is a bit of a loner.


When i was reading that back story, all i could see was Isgur

Otherwhise, interesting way to attach claws!

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PS: Isgur is from the greek word isguros, meaning strength.


10/10 well proportioned Matoran...

Better than anything I can or ever will built

...are the others going to be revealed, because they have real personality...

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I cracked up when I got to Talek, as I made a matoran with the same name! XD