So yeah, this is Pyrodax, an all-mighty evil Makuta. Hope you enjoy.

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Looks like an evil and corrupt Turaga Vakama. Nice job! I don't know about the red axles and open pin holes, but still this moc looks good!

Really like the design of the body. Perhaps a closer look at it to see how it's done =P

Nice job man, looks pretty evil.

I think the red axles work well with the all black coloring. And you're right on the Vakama thing.

Nice, It reminds me a little of the Beast from Over the Garden Wall (just a little)

Actually, that would make an amazing MOC...

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@TheJMPofArcadia Red is supposed to be his accent color, and I found the best way to incorporate it was via the red axles. And now that you mention it, he does kinda look like Turaga Vakama. stuck_out_tongue

@ToaOrrel Oh crap, I just remembered that I forgot to watch that. It looked pretty good, I hope they show it again...

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I like it, the only issue I have with it is the skinny upper legs and upper arms. Although I am not sure if you were trying to go with that skeletal look or not.
Overall, great MoC, I have to agree with @TheJMPofArcadia, it kinda does look like a corrupted Turaga Vakama.

I guess it's the huna and the staff really.

Pretty good-looking Makuta. The build makes it look pretty scary and awesome.

Oh my god... EPIC!!!
I really like this MOC, because it has a unique build and the body is completely custom. But it is an evil MOC and it looks evil as hell! But it does not look like an Makuta to me but more like an very very powerfull dark hunter but it is great anyways.

Very impressive.

Are you entering it in the contest for the golden mask?

@Axonn126 Yes, the skinny upper arms and legs were intentional.

@tahtorak Yup!

I like the way you made the legs, with the bottom bit bent inwards