Quaraan, a new MOC!

Here's my new MOC. It took me three days to make, mostly because I was waiting on a Bricklink order, as well as the fact that the TORSO WAS A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE.

Other than that, he's kinda lanky, the torso is like, a unit too tall, the back is sloppy-ish, and not much else can be said except LOOK! PICS!


A rahkshi head? Come on bio it's not 2009 anymore. Other than that its a really nice MOC.


On the shoulder Glatorian necks, in the upward facing pinhole, I feel like...something, not sure what, but something could be placed there to make a more solid look.

Otherwise, outside the lack of Lateral Bicep Movement, I think he looks great.


Pretty Cool the only thing is the Rahkshi head and the fact there is red on his weapons. Unless that was intentional in which case you should add more red to the weapons or on him.

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Yeah, I was debating myself whether or not something should go there. I was thinking Metru armor, but I didn't quite like how that looked.

I also did have a version with lateral bicep, but it looked kinda terrible in comparison to the rest of the build.

@Studentscissors The red on his weapons was really the closest I could get to brown unfortunately =/

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This was built as a character for my City of the Fallen Roleplay, and my characters have Rahkshi heads because they look good and I have a lot of them =P

I agree with Matt though. Nice MOC!

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I maintain that weapons shouldn't have to color-match the person who wields them. -_-


I'll be honest with you, I thought that said quarian at first, but anyways more on topic, I think this guy looks cool

Oh, I just noticed that! A quarian MOC might be interesting...

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I really like the custom torso! The only real problems I have is the light grey shoulders.

I actually thought it was Quran (the Muslim sacred text)

But anyway, I do like it a lot! The waist looks a tad awkward though. Just the little bend near the hips.

EDIT: OHHHHH DUH his waist bends. The torso is really nice!


huh someone actually made one


One, do you have a source fo rthe image, and two, yes, a few people have made quarian or quarian-ish mocs

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here is the link

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