Quarren: My Self MOC

The latest incarnation of my self MOC, Quarren. His bio is on his Youtube showcase description, though he's had some slight updates since that video was made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLR_IcV9yZM&list=UU97kWDE5D9rZ0jKAOhEW2xw


Just sayin' Quarren is a race in Star Wars as well

Yeah, I know. I named this MOC in his first form before I knew about that though. It wasn't until much later that I learned about that race, and by then I figured it was too late to rename him. Of course I made him at first when I was like 7, so I may have heard someone say "Quarren," and been like, "That's a cool name! I think I'll use it!" Maybe I should spell it different or something...

Awesome. I didn't really hate it because of that, I think it's a nice name anyway.

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Wow what an awesome moc. I just don't like how the arms and legs get quite thiner at the end. But all round a good moc.

Thanks! I just got lazy with the arms and legs... I might upgrade them sometime.

Out of curiosity, why does he have three arms?

He's part of a tribal race that has four arms, but he ceremoniously severed his fourth when he was inducted into the tribe's military group, which requires the sacrifice of any one of their four arms as a show of commitment. There's further explanation in his Youtube Bio, but that's the basic story.

Oh wow, he actually does have three arms. That's pretty creative. I thought that it was a scarf or something that I was misinterpreting as an arm.

Seems awfully counterproductive for soldiers to be literally less armed than civilians, though.

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It sort of is, but they're tribals, and they saw it as a sign of divine strength and endurance; those who died from the wound were not worthy of being in the elite.

It would show their willingness to sacrifice to the cause, and, on the practical side of things, gave them an ability to more liberally armor whichever half was severed, as it would not restrict the movement of their fourth arm, which no longer was there to restrict.

In addition, it was a brand that marked them irreversibly for life as being in that group. Plus, I was kind of going for that Assassin's Creed kind of thing, where they have to sacrifice one of their fingers to join.

But mostly it just sounded cool.......