Queen of the Jungle Protectors

Another entry in my series of elite Protector characters. This time it's my first ever attempt at a female character. The body shape is much harder than I thought it would be. I would say the bustline is a bit extreme here. 😏

For the design, I basically foraged every green piece from my parts collection and put them in a pile. Then I tried to put every piece onto it somehow. The idea would be that she looks completely "overgrown", with viney things, and limbs, branches, and leafy stuff coming from everywhere. She's not supposed to look clean, or simple. She's an ancient being covered in mosses, grasses, weeds, vines, and other tropical plants. A "cluttered" build is exactly what I was going for. Surprisingly though, it's completely symmetrical from right to left, so at least there's that. What do you guys think?

Edit: I revamped the chest so as to reduce the extreme boobage. I think it looks a bit better.


Everything looks good, except the tail, it looks way too blocky and kinda awkward, also the nuva breasts are kinda overdone so...

Overall it's nice but nothing too special. I do like the extra arms with the blades though.


The tail seems inarticulate, and the nuvaboobs are clearly disproportionate to the body.

Nuvaboobs, please remove
Other wise she's decent


looks a little bit too busy, I recommend removing some of the greebles

This is another solid Protector Lord MOC.
Here are my comments:

- Very "Jungle-y" MOC, definitely conveys a sense of the Forest
- Animalistic Tail is very cool
- It's green. I give it a thumbs-up for being green.

- The Nuva boobs... Mata Nui, where do I start with the Nuva boobs...?
- This lady's not supposed to be Doc Ock, but that's the vibe I'm getting
- Too many protrusions.

I give it a like, but I'm torn because I want to LOVE it, but I just can't. Good job anyways. :smile:

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It looks decent but... by the All-Spark, what are those growths on her chest?


Thanks for the input. But as I said in the description, "over greebling" is the whole point of the character. Thanks for checking out my MOC though.


She seems more animal than she is robot

Nuva boobs, please no.
But this MOC looks good overall.

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Exactly! Wait, are Bionicle supposed to be robots? I admit I'm not a lore expert. But I thought they were living organisms inside their armor.

Nuva boobs are a problem but other than that looks great. 👍

They are Bio-mechanical life forms. they are like 20% biological, and 80% robotic if my memories are correct.

Anyway time for my thing.
I like the colors a lot.
I like the wing things quite a bit.
I have always hated NuvaBoobs, this is no exception.
The tail is okay but could be improved.
I like how she has plants and wild life growing on her, it adds to her overall appearance quite nicely.
Overall this is a pretty neat MOC, Could definitely use some improving though.


We shall rename her Leroy.

The over all look of this is pretty snazzy, I'd buy it if it was in stores.


I'm pretty sure they're 50/50 in Gen2.


I didn't know that.

Well anyway pretty neat MOC man.

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This is a pretty good moc but doesn't really give off the female appearance besides that chest which is a little overdone.

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Try to be a little more subtle next time with her femininity. The nuvaboobs are not only very over-the-top but don'd provide good shaping. I'm not a fan of the greebling, not that there's too much, but there should be just as much greebling in the arms and body as it is present in the legs. Not a fan of the jumbled colorscheme, either.


The chest looks really awkward


100% accurate assessment. This was my first ever female MOC, and getting a femme appearance is pretty difficult.

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