Queen of the Linkwes

Here it is the queen of the Linkwes this is the central part of Linkwes as a whole she lays all of the eggs that hatch to become Linkwes beetles she is a Avery nomadic creature and where she lays her eggs decides what type of Linkwes it is. The picture of a jungle villager (@PekekoaOfJungle ) riding it is for @EvilLobsterKing he wanted to see a normal Linkwes being ridden but they were to small but this is the perfect size. https://goo.gl/photos/kJz1JiNrzjdPnb238


Ooooh! A blue and green Jungle villager? It’s just like me!

Ooooh! It is me! :smile:

Oooh, its glowy looking and stuff, and being ridden, and your cool…

Thanks man

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That’s a very strange colour scheme that works very well!

Yah it is rather strange but it is probably my favorite color scheme

Alien color scheme.
Decent build.


Pretty cool!

Awesome! Does it use the standard Linkwes build?

Yah know his thing is like twice the size of one
@MakutaAhkmou thanks


Neat little MOC.

Thanks guys

i am to lazy to tag y’all’s


I got to admit this looks sweet.
Pretty simple.