Question about Glatorian physiology

Hi Greg, I hope you’re doing well! If you don’t mind, I have a question about Glatorian physiology. We know that they’re physically weaker than Toa. But how strong is the average Glatorian (with implants)? Toa already have superhuman strength–would you consider trained Glatorian like Gresh to be physically superhuman? Also, are most Glatorian roughly Toa-sized?


Toa are generally stronger than Glatorian, but it’s close enough that some Glatorian might be stronger than some Toa:

Then, we also know that the average Toa can probably lift one ton:

Interestingly, Greg has also put Glatorian at around human levels of strength:

(Though, given the one-ton figure above, I think it’s fair to assume that they would only be comparable to the very upper end of human strength. And we also don’t know how much range in strength there is amongst the Glatorian species.)



They are organic, after all.

So maybe Glatorian strength ranges from Peak Human to Low Superhuman?


One should also consider the massive gravity of Spherus Magna.
Glatorian may be comparable to humans if we look at their physical capabilities relative to other SM species, because they fill a similar ecological niche. But compared directly to actual Homo sapiens who live on Earth, they would be significantly stronger.

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I would say that Toa are as strong as Spiderman or Captain America, they have superhuman strength but not even close to Thor or Hulk. Glatorians would probably have peak human strength.