Question about the future of Bionicle's story

Greg, if you still have time to continue Bionicle G1’s story, would you rather write about Velika sucessfully in taling over Spherus Magna or will it be about Teridax somehow being revived by a vengeful Metus?


I do not think option two is an option. Greg has stated numerous times that Teridax is indeed dead and is not coming back.


but it is not confirmed

I’m not particularly fond of the idea myself, just saying that’s a possbility that leaves the death of the original Teridax intact.

No. Greg literally confirmed he is dead and not able to come back. Therefore, he is dead and.not ever coming back. His Antidermis leaked, the “brain” of the robot was damaged beyond repairs. His Antidermis died and he couldn’t even be brought to the Red Star anyway, as one, he wasn’t inside the MU as a being but the MU itself, and two, the Red Star’s teleportation tech doesn’t work. And… his body is too big. And also, his robot’s brain, as I said, was most likely too destroyed to be used - unless they don’t use the brains/AI computers.

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Tautology is Tautology.

That’s why I said that, if for some reason you wanted to handwave Teridax into returning, it would have to be choice he made before he died, such as cloning his essence. Whether or not he would do that depends on how likely he thinks his clone would try to usurp him.

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The impact of the moon also caused a bunch of friction and caused Teridax’s antidermis to be burned to a crisp. Also, the impact was outside of Bara Magna’s atmosphere, so all of the antidermis particles that remained would have been separated and left in vacuum.


If he made clones, they’d probably just end up having his same existential crisis from The Kingdom, since The Plan already failed.

This literally says Question for Greg.

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The Olmak exists. Even if the Teridax that we know from the main universe is completely dead, there is no guarantee that another universe’s version wouldn’t have the cunning to travel to a land where nobody knew he was alive. He would just need to get his hands on the mask, or even persuade another to use it, for this to happen.

And the topic is open for the rest of us to discuss the implications brought by the question. Greg’s still going to see the first post and answer accordingly, maybe address some of the questions raised by the replies as well.