Question regarding the Makoki Stone

Concerning the Makoki Stones, was it ever decided how the Toa came to acquire them? Were they given them by the Turaga, or did they have to find them?

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FYI, the Encyclopedia says they “collected” them shortly after their arrival on Mata Nui.

That’s a tad vague. I can go to someones house and collect something. I’m curious as to how they collected them. Was it a fetch quest or were they passed on?


In the 2001 Bionicle card game there existed “story cards” with no actual purpose in the game as far as I can tell. For each Toa there was one that told how the Toa got their golden masks in their personal suva - and also a part of the Makoki stone.

I really have no idea if that can be considered canon, though, since in the book the Toa got their golden Kanohi at Kini Nui. In MNOG on the other hand they got them from their suvas, too, but we all know that MNOG isn’t entirely canon.

I like to think it’s half-canon and they got the Makoki stones from their suva but not the golden Kanohi.

It makes a lot of sense, too: each Makoki fragment would come from one of the smaller suvas, then they get recombined at the Great Suva at Kini-Nui.

EDIT: I found this on

“Once each Toa found six great masks, the six Kanohi were combined into a single golden mask of great power. They also received Makoki Stones which would open the pathway to Makuta’s lair.”

Saying they “received” Makoki Stones instead of “found” is more evidence for the Toa getting them from the villages.

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