Questions about Akilini

Can a defender defend another team’s hoop to prevent a third team from scoring?

Is it a goal if the disk touches the edge of the hoop but still goes through?

Can a defender launch disks at an opposing launcher (or their equipment) to distract them?

How high are the hoops in comparison to the maximum height of the “waves” on the field?

Is it possible for players to use their surfing disks to go high into the air?

Do the players try to avoid the “waves” or use them to get closer to the hoops?

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Do your really need to make these in 6 different topics?

I didn’t want to, but the rules say “only one question per topic”.

In this case, since the questions are about small details surrounding one topic, this can be allowed since we don’t want to clog the ask topic with such small repetitive questions.

– Waj