Questions about Aqua Magna's moon

Hi Greg!

The end of BIONICLE Comic #15: Secrets and Shadows famously has a shot of the night sky above Mata Nui that prominently features a moon. For reference, here is that comic:

The moon seems to be colored white and covered in craters, similar to Earth’s moon. I think it has been previously established that it is not Bara Magna or Bota Magna. But I don’t think we’ve ever had definitive answers to the following questions, and was hoping you could help clarify:

  1. Is this moon indeed considered canon?
  2. Is it a fragment of the shattered Spherus Magna, or a pre-existing moon that orbited Spherus Magna?
  3. Was it merged back into the newly formed Spherus Magna?
  4. Did anything live on it?