Questions on Kanoka?

Hey there, Greg!

Normally, the Kanoka of Metru Nui have 8 main powers, with a power range from 1 to 8, and 6 different Metrus with different abilities. I’m assuming this digit system only applies to Metru Nui?

Would disks from other places have other addition ‘abilities’, or just one of those 6 found in Metru Nui?

Would a Toa Disk have any of those abilities? Do Toa Disks have a power level, or are they always power 8?

And finally, when combining disks, does the Metru abilities stay? What if there’s multiple of them? And how does their power level stack?

Sorry if these are a little hard to make out…

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Changed title to include question mark as stated in the rules - Ghiddy

We don’t know that disks even exist in other places. In Metru Nui, they make disks and then make masks from them, but we do not know that the mask-making process is done the same way elsewhere.

I will have to check on your other questions. Kanoka disks were a long time back.

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