Quick Covid-Kanohi Sketches

kanohi kovit
Kanohi Kovit, Mask of Immunity
“The Kanohi Kovit is the Mask of Immunity. It protects the user from internal harm from external sources, such as viruses and shadow leeches”
kanohi kovit no head
(standalone version)
kanohi karona
Kanohi Karona, Mask of Disease
“The Kanohi Karona is the Mask of Disease. It allows the user to kill their opponents from the inside by using harmful viruses. Toa would not normally wear this mask, as they feel it’s power is immoral.”
kanohi karona no head
(standalone version)
alt kanohi karonaalt kanohi karona no head
(alternate mouths)

With all the covid and such going on I wanted to turn the standard N95 face mask into a kanohi, designed similar to Vahi or Adaptive Kakama Nuva. In designing it I got ideas for an opposite Makuta mask, based on the actual virus itself. I designed the mouth of Kanohi Karona to look like the Phantoka Makuta masks, but figured there should be an unmutated standard mouth and made the “alternate”. I also gave it a visor, like a hazmat of sorts. I gave both masks tube-hole-connector-things mostly because the Helryx contest is going on right now so I even thought to add them, but also because N95 face masks have strings there and I had the hazmat-esque Kanohi Karona idea.
What do y’all think? Anything you think I could’ve / should’ve referenced on these masks?
Thanks for viewing!


lol I love these. Kinda surprised that I’ve never thought of a disease based Kanohi myself :angry:


ha! I like it! We have to destroy the second one though