Quick digital sculpt practice

I did this instead of working on the tongue comic prequel today.

I'm not sure if I want to call it a WIP since I'll only work more on it if I feel like it.


I wish the nose bridge was more angular but it looks sick


He has Seen Something UNSPEAKABLE

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"Blue Pins and Red Axles living in harmony! Someone eating the pieces! I've seen too much!"


Really nice..although the "mouth" space should be a bit larger

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Really nice sculpt for what little there is

As a nice, lil' sculpture of Eljay, it's pretty cool. I do think the chestplate looks a bit misformed, though.

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He looks like he has just been Payed for College

This looks more like actual clay than something digital, tbh. The gold of the mask is a bit dull, but he's pretty cool! Keep up the good work!