Quicky: Mini Storm Beast

So I wasn’t doing much yesterday so I decided to make a mini Storm beast with the parts I have. I may or may not redoo it when I get the actual set but here it is!

It has the same function, just smaller
I had no idea what to put in the end of the tail hence why it looks boring
Couldn’t find the exact color pieces I wanted so expect awkward coloring here and there
This is now scrapped temporarily
Sorry for not a perfect background

The actual body build


Still better than the actual set!

No… Not really, even I can say this MOC fails in some aspects, the set is better imo.



Ruuuuuly sp00k33…

Great representation with the available parts, probably as good as anyone could at that scale w/o buying the actual set.

Good work.


Nice job!
Was the function hard to implement on something so small?


The function was easy to build, same as the set’s but with smaller technic beams. The tough part was the body which as you can see has very tiny details all necessary for the build.

The point where the arms connect was also tough.



Looks nice. I like the horns. :smiley:


Wow, this is actually pretty neat.

looks pretty good! if it wasn’t for the red ball joint on the tail, the red axles and that the fuction is a little bit big for that scale, but still looks nice

Where are the hands form? Are they custom?

The hands come from the Ben 10 CCBS Spider Monkey set

Terrible set, but at least I finally found a use for those hands.


oh, I tried my best to forget about that abomination.

Good MOC though.

Meh, it’s okay I guess, It looks a bit off to me and the horns aren’t very set accurate.
the functions kinda cool but still looks very messy and the open axles really detract from the look IMO.
I’ll give it a 5/10

They are just place holders, since I did not find any way to make a jaw, and again I will redoo this with the actual SB head eventually.

These are actually really important for the build, if they were not there or covered up with a bohrok eye the function would be useless. A good compromise since they don’t clash as much since they are black


Considering the parts you had at your disposal, and that the MOC is at such a small scale, this is really good. But the fact that you were able to implement SB’s function with the MOC being so small, makes this amazing!

Overall, you did an awesome job, Blu!


I think it could use a bit more trans-green, but other than that, pretty good!

No doubt, I would use those claw pieces Quake Beast has for it’s hand but sadly they do not come trns neon green, so maybe I’ll add studs wherever I can.


I now want Va beasts.


I plan on making one for every beast, but I kight wait til I get the beasts so they look perfect

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I dunno why I haven’t commented on this yet, but this is really slick. You incorporated the design nicely, and managed to keep it clean. All the colors are placed nicely, and the way you did the head was also fairly smart. I still feel like you should have kept the shadow trap on the tail, even in this scale, but it’s understandable why you wouldn’t. Overall I don’t really have any complaints, it’s a rather solid MOC. ^^

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