Rabbit tank combiner transformer

Rabbit tank! Yeah!

Double upload if doesn’t work


If you’re going for that mech look it’s fine but it might look better if the tank split apart into armor / weapons to attach to the rabbit. That way might look more like seperate things combined as one figure.

Similar to the cyberverse armor figures with the partner vehicles forming armor for the base figure.

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Here I thought I was done :sweat_smile::joy:

Depends what you’re going for. The mech look is fine but it’s a little too seperate looking as a single figure having all the limbs clearly just hanging out. I’m taking about like a megazord or RID omega prime armor combo.

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I think I could take a rest from combos for a while I’m tired, perhaps after an original MoC I’ll make rabbit in armor after (Ora)

Why not a dualcon combo?

I looked at duo cons long Time ago not my favorite…

@Khalsa721 I’m trying to make it but, I’m having doubts that it won’t work, do you have any ideas to help me? I was looking at the thunder megazord. No idea how to make the shoes

Add / use open technic holes. Maybe add some side lock for the foot if needed