Rachna, avatar of creation v2

Not really planned I just decided I wanted to make her (Limbs exspecially) look a little better. The result was a very female warlord type build.

Swords can be held double sided

Still has her scythe

Her arms also store hooks / one sided pickaxes / spikes / whatever they are (these were a last minute addition.)

I might revamp avatar of destruction but due to the fact I’m moving in a month it won’t be for a while.


Those swords look pretty dang cool, dude. I like it.

Looks pretty awesome!

Highly disagree with this. Looks far more masculine than feminine.

Otherwise, a marked improvement from the original, but still cluttered. Moreso on the limbs no, with the patchwork armoring.

I like the warlord idea, though.


Looks pretty well done. I especially like the shoulders. This is a solid MOC.

The yellow could be balanced out a bit better, and the ben 10 parts as the upper legs look too smooth to the rest of the MOC.

True, though Khalsa you should keep in mind that it still works as a female MOC, girls can be buff too.

Girls can be buff, yes. Not my favorite aesthetic for female characters (which sounds way worse than I meant it to…), but it certainly is a viable aesthetic.

But none of the traits you typically see in feminine character designs are really present here, except maybe the proportions on the feet.

Just my two cents at least.

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Yeah unfortunately thats very hard to do with bionicle parts >.>
Edit @Ekorak
Sorry I made it unclear, I meant making something look female and buff at the same time.



I find it comes rather easily. I’d give examples (possibly even from my own portfolio) but it would be getting a bit too far off topic. This just isn’t the place to debate this.


EDIT: @AwesomeJoel27
Still not impossible. I can think of a few other people have done.

But you are correct, it’s significantly harder. Won’t argue with that.

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