Rachna; avatar of creation

Name; called rachna but doesn’t have an official name
Gender; looks and sounds female
Abilities; can create anything it wants whether it has stuff to use or not and depending on what it creates can control the creation as a slave.

My only idea making this was taking two opposite powers and making 2 Mocs with opposite body types and genders for each; basically complete opposites in every way.


Instead of a sword like destruction she weilds a Sythe and her secondary. I designed it to transform mostly just so she didn’t have a long stick hanging off of her.

Also instead of a hat like destruction she was designed to use my transforming jet pack moc.


Creation and destruction (yes. It’s the same picture as on destructions post but these two are partner mocs.)


I like the scythe

Thanks. Generally Sythe Mocs are hard to store becuase like I said it ussually leaves a stick hanging out of the Mocs back.

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Why a scythe…?

Also I’d think with the destroyer thing, she should be more rainbow ish. Or atleast White n gold compared to him, but your choice

That’s really the one thing I wanted to tie them together with; darker color schemes as I kind of wanted a brains and brawn looking dynamic between them. That and I don’t have a whole lot of white in the parts I used and most of my gold was used up on Rhaea.
I mostly just used the scythe becuase I wanted to use that exo force blade on a scythe weapon and a longer weapon worked better with her smaller build.

He looks more like a avatar of death with that scythe farming the dead from the grain
and the spears look like Torches for the danmed


I was summoned?

It’s a decent MOC, I would complain that the legs are too short in comparison to the arms, but I really like the looks of both, so I let it pass.

1 thing if he is the avatar of creation surly he should be more colourful you know with a bit of green and blue
but other than that a great moc well done