Ragata, energ

After my last post where I noticed my collection looked like a harem I started building more male Mocs. This is the first of as many as my peices can make.

my only real goal with him was just insect and to use a nui Rama (I think that was it. Those 01 insect rahi.) mask. After a shopping trip where I found a Japanese beast wars toy I decided to make a monsterious mosquito thing as the main design with some added limbs and blades to fit the “monster” image.

The mata blue on him is supposed to look like a unfolded shell even though it can’t actually fold up unfortunately.

Things are not going to be pretty for that kreon soon.

And a comparison to that Japanese beast wars toy that inspired his design


This is far better than the inspiration.:blush:

All it really inspired was the insect base really. Everything else I added to look cool.

That’s MoC building in a nutshell. Nice job.

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It reminds me of a mutated Nui-Rama. Nice job

This is great. But I have a strong hatred for mosquito. So I hate this MOC /s

Really groovy MOC.

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This looks really cool!

you should put the picture where it is in the flying posistion op top.
I dig it.

I got say it looks great.
Really love the head and also nice inclusion of the stand.

Thanks. Most of my stands are temporary and I mostly just slap them together when needed.

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