Now, I suspect that there won’t be a lot of people who watch him. He’s British and he makes gaming videos. He’s definitely one of my favorite Youtubers, and he’s awesome. Now, are there any Ragicans here?

I used to watch some of his videos last year but not recently. ~Pyrox

Yeah I love Rage.

discusses copyright arguement with @Marendex_T17
tells person to use Project Re on coordinates 13:55

On an intercom, the following message is played:
Coordinates revived.

I watched some of Rage’s stuff, but haven’t done so in a while.

Is there some sort of joke or reference that I’m missing here?

Why are you reviving my old topic with such meaningless technobabble?

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@Marendex_T17: Tree and Chute-speak Topic Revival

@Calvatron: Your topic number can be found in the web address. Those are the coordinates.
The other stuff, whatever.


  • a light dawns *
    OH! I get it now!
    It’s based on my nuclear missile strike revival joke in the Truth or Dare topic. Ok. That makes much more sense.

Glad you got it, friend… which I don’t have. :cry:

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