Rahagah original names?

Hello, I am wondering about the origin and purpose of alternate names for the Rahagah which appeared on the back of Rahagah instruction manuals.

Iruini was called Lahka
Gaaki had the correct name
Pouks is called Puks
Bomonga is called Nuukor
Kualus is called Kuuls
Norik was called Tahkon

do you know the purpose of these names?


My best guess is that those were preliminary/placeholder names they forgot to remove when they sent out the sets. If the copy you’re looking at is on Brickset, then they might be foreign translations of the names (idk why they’d do that, just feels like a maybe thing), but if the instructions are North American specifically, then prelim names are the most likely choice. Hope this was helpful.


Brunamal is correct. Odds are those were names that did not survive the legal checks.


Thanks to the both of you for the help :slight_smile: