Rahi MOC: Jungle Okakawi

Whats better that one Okakawi? TWO Okakawi's!

Jungle Okakawi

BIO: The Jungle Okakawi is a subspecies of the Okakawi that was native to the jungles of the Southern Continent. When Voya Nui was ripped from Mahri Nui after the Great Cataclysm, they migrated to the Jungles of Voya Nui. Following the recreation of Spherus magna, all Jungle Okakawi moved to the Bota Magna region of the planet.

Unlike the social Okakawi, these Rahi are very solitary and will attack any other Okakawi families in the area when feasting. Another difference is that the jungle variant is capable of actually flying, whereas the desert variant can only glide long distances.

Their advantage in flight allows them to swoop down and paralyze their prey with a fatal venom, whose affects can take action in 10 minutes, allowing it to bring down even the largest of Rahi. This is also a form of self defense if any intruding Rahi or sentient beings come into their territory, though they can also lunge forward and impale a victim with its trademark blades.

Though they are slightly smaller than the desert variant, their diet can consist of some large Rahi, but they mainly feed on the many reptiles in the area.

Credit for torso goes to @CallanLoF
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Reminds me of Phaedra from Shadow of the Colossus.