Rahi MOC: Sea Okakawi

You thought that was all? Hahaha!

Sea Okakawi

BIO: Sea Okakawi are a rare subspecies of Okakawi that was native to the ocean surrounding the Southern Continent, though a few were spotted in Ga Metru/Koro. After the Great Cataclysm, many moved into the newly created Voya Nui bay, though when Voya Nui and Mahri Nui remerged a huge population of the species was killed off. There are about 200 individuals left, thus giving them their rare status. After the reformation of Spherus Magna, the remaining population moved to the Aqua Magna region of the planet.

Because it lives on the ocean floor, the Rahi’s tactic of attack is solely based on ambush. With its sharp teeth and hook like back “legs” it will burrow into the sand and wait for any movement above. When an unsuspecting Rahi approaches, it lunges out and stabs the prey with its dagger fins, though it can also use its incredibly powerful tail to crush its victim.

Many individuals that lived in the Voya Nui Bay learned to live near the shallower waters of the shore and used similar tactics to take in land dwellers, pulling its victim under until it drowns.

The largest of the Okakawi species, measuring the length of a school bus, it mainly preys on such species as Takea sharks

That's it for now. Wait...... How cool would a Pygmy Okakawi sound?!


Love random little Rahi trinkets! smile

Would make for a good polybag!


I agree with @Rockho. Also, this one is definitely my favorite.

Good designs. It flows really well.

*moc not to scale.

but seriously, I like these rahi, though honestly they look less related than a wolf and a chihuahua.


Its not supposed to be a wolf or Chihuahua, all three species are insecto-reptilian esq Rahi

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I think you missed my point...

I was saying how they don't look very related.

that was a metaphor used for comparison.

I see. Originally, I was going to use the Thornraxx head for this MOC, since it looked fairly insectoid, but If felt it broke the flow of the back and the tail. Oh well, at least it still has the dagger legs.

Adorable little Rahi! Excellent job!

It looks great!

Nifty little thing ain't it?

Yup..... Until he ambushes ya!

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