Rahi MOC: The Okakawi

Today I’ll be showing you one of my Rahi MOCs

The Okakawi

BIO: The Okakawi (OAK-uh-Caw-wee) is a average sized insecto-reptilian Rahi that was once native to the desert regions of Po-Metru and Po-Wahi. After the reformation of Spherus Magna, they migrated to the remaining desert regions.

These carnivorous Rahi are known to ambush their pray, they perch themselves on the barren trees of the wastelands and scan the area for their target. Then, with the help of lose tissue along the backs of their blades, they soar towards their victim and impale them straight through with their blades. Frequent sandstorms also prove efficient when the Okakawi hunt since they can catch a lost rahi off guard.

They will eat almost anything moving in the desert (even sentient beings), though they particularly enjoy snacking on the slow and aimless Dune Tortoise.

The backs of their body’s have two feelers which enable them to communicate with other Okakawi and to pick up signals of nearby Rahi.

Many Po-Matoran who have encountered the beasts (back on Po-Wahi and Po-Metru) call them “Daggerwrists”


Cool I like the little back feelers.

Now THAT is a great use of the Hordika head!


Looks a bit like that one animal-thing in Star Wars 2, you know, the one that tried to eat Obi-Wan.


Huh, it does look a little like it!


An Acklay?


If that’s what it’s called. The big, green mantis-like thing with 6 legs and Karzahni/Fenrahk’s head.

Yeah definitely an acklay then

I don’t see much of an acklay in it, more of some terrible flying squirrel. =/

To each their own I guess.

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I see do see the insecto-reptilian look, but also a lot of bat. I love this thing so much! I kind of want a small one for a pet. XD

This gives me a po-wahi vibe. Awesome!

Very nice! I love the forarms!


I’m not sure which is more interesting, the MOC, or the backstory.

Probably the backstory. The MOC could be confused with a Zesk revamp.

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UPDATE: I revamped the Okakawi a little bit so that it looked more like the Rahi I envisioned it to be. It is currently a WIP, as I am trying to figure out how to add cloth between the legs, kinda like a flying squirrel.

This was the main source of inspiration


That is… well, terrifying.

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I well prefer the orignal

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