Rahi [sort of] MOC: Ka-buto Raider

Deep in the alleys of space-faring trade stations, a forgotten species thrives… the Ka-buto Collective

My idea for the Ka-buto was inspired by beetles, as well as crustaceans like crabs and lobsters. A large part this MOC is the bio-mechanical integration of weapons and other physical enhancements.

[please ignore the egregious red stand, he cannot stand on his own, due to his sharp spindly legs and bipedal nature]

He is armed with an arm-mounted cannon and shield, and built-in protection with his organic chitinous shell

His head is fairly insectoid in design, with 4 emotionless eyes and more organic plating.

This being my second post, I really do appreciate any feedback and comments, Thanks!

(P.S: Be sure to check out my other creation, the Zeta Centurion!)


Needs a tail to help support it. Or a 3rd or/and 4th leg.

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Looks cool! Reminds me of something g2 pohatu would fight. Might I suggest adding a tail to stabilizing

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I’m adding 2 extra legs right now for stabilization. Expect an update post later tonight!

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I think this is really cool. Aside from adding two back legs for stability, I think the back has a little too much tan. Also, for some more variety in the color scheme, you could add some more lime green and black, since you use the Tuma blade pieces for the front legs. Still, this looks quite good.

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Noted. I’ll be sure to experiment with adding more green and breaking up the sea of tan on the back of the shell. For right now, I’m about to post the updated qaudruped version, so check that out in a bit if you like. I really appreciate the feedback.

This creation is an addition to my previous post, the WIP Ka-buto Raider.

[RogueToa said this looks like something Pohatu would fight, but it doesnt look like he won]

There are a few critical additions, most importantly, the 2 extra vestigial legs. This drastically improves the stability of the creature and it can now comfortably stand on it’s own.

I also included an obligatory sword arm, because the arm mounted gun kind of looked like it was made out of trash.

This build is by no means finished, and I greatly appreciate feedback on what I could add or fix about this guy. Thanks!

(P.S: You can never have enough skrall swords)


The update post is now linked at the bottom of this one, and not a completely new post FYI.

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This looks a lot better
Nice work

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Thanks. btw Thanks for introducing me to the boards and being so nice. My first few posts have gone smoothly I im really enjoying so far. Maybe we can work on characters for an original story line or something dumb like that.

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Absolutely. I was going to ask you something similar, strange

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We should totally go through with that. Like elemental stuff and what not.

Indeed. But we should start a message thing or a discord I don’t know exactly what it’s called

Agreed. Let’s talk more tomorrow. For now, I sleep.

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