Rahkshi and creating creatures.

I believe you once said that rahkshi of Sonics could create creatures made out of sound. Could rahkshi of gravity, electricity, plasma, plant control, or magnetism use their powers to make a creature out of their power? If so can a Makuta with their mastery over the element of shadow create creatures made out of shadows?

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It was never indicated that those Rahkshi can do that. I’d even say that the “creating creatures out of sound” thing was just an example that wasn’t meant to be taken literally.

Well here is the link to the sonic creature power if better clarification is needed.

Yeah, I saw it. The way he says it’d be “more their speed” seems like it’s a suggestion, not an example.

Yes but on line 9 of the link below that answer he said sonic Rahkshi can make creatures out of sound, which confirms it.