Rahkshi darkshadow comander

There is a new breed of rahkshi who are more closely connected to Makuta and this is there leader:

The wider armore pice is where that lite worm thing is. forgot what they are called
Dynamic poses:


  1. Kraata or Kraana is what they are called 2. You messed up the weapon pic
  2. 7.5/10
  3. FIRST

Hah silly me

The pictures aren’t terribly clear and the weapon pick does display your carpet quite nicely, I like the chest armouring but am 50/50 on the head.

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you did number 2 twice

First off the head is really good. The torso is alright. The weapon is way too long and too multi coloured, try to stick to black or grey. And lastly the pictures are very blurry and a little angled.

I tried to correct it I couldn’t

The pictures don’t do it justice…
also, it’s a kraata.
It does need some work, but I can’t tell because the pictures are so bad.
no offense.