Rahkshi Elite

This is my version of an Elite Rahkshi part of a organization know as R.A.T.H AKA Rahkshi Against The Heresy, a secret task force that hunted down and assassinated nonbelievers of the brotherhood of the Makuta. arm with there stealth, and rail gun sniper they are a deadly force. hope you all enjoy


The colors are a bit over the place but i still kind alike it a lot


yeah, looking at it now i think i could have done better if i had a bigger selection of part, but thanks I’m glad you still like it.

Huh, this is actually really, really nice, especially that rifle!

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Looks really good the limbs and everything are nice and compact.

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thanks! the rifle was actually inspired by Lockdown’s gun face in transformers 4 XD

Ja it’s a really good one! XD

thank you, the limb took quite a while to get right, what you see in the picture is like the 3rd attempt XD

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Yeah that’s how almost all my mocs are. They are basically always a third revision😂

yeah, my selfMOC Taio took me about 4 tries to get him right, here’s the official version

Great doc, but I have one word for it. c u s t o m h a n d s

This is great, I love the whole concept and the compactness of the build.

I like how you used the Rahkshi head piece from STARS over a different body. Even if it does look a bit stretched.

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Not bad honestly, the legs and lower torso are a bit messy, and i echo the notion for custom hands, but im really digging the concept and the top half looks very clean. Lots of potential here, would like to see a v2

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